Water Creation Bathroom Vanities: When Style Meets Function


Water Creation Inc. is committed to making bathroom vanities and fixtures of the finest quality and innovative designs the central furniture of every property owner's bathroom.


These vanities are beneficial to our daily lives. Whether you buy one to beautify your rooms or provide you with additional storage space, it is good to have a piece of working knowledge on the basics of the furniture to match it with the overall design philosophy of your property.

Which Bathroom Vanity Style Should You Pick?

Depending on the interior design that you want to maintain or follow, there are several styles of bathroom vanities available in the market. 


Antique vanities are far more ornate and decorative than modern vanities. Often influenced by classic statements of the Art Deco Movement, antique vanities encapsulate the distinct look of the old days. Antique vanities showcase decorative embellishments that make up the majority of the cabinet frame and down the legs, unveiling fashion, elegance, and class.


Another general pattern is bowed and pilaster legs. Antique vanities come in a variety of country shapes. This style is suitable for rustic, cottage style, and ranch homes with a vintage aura. 


Modern bathroom vanities are constructed following Mid-Century Modern design ideas. These vanities emphasize minimalist tendencies with their penchant for crisp, bold, and simple lines.


Modern vanities are often black or white with chrome or brushed nickel hardware, like those featured in Water Creation's bathroom vanities. This style aims to keep the aesthetic basic while asserting the functionality of the bathroom: easy accessibility, convenient cabinetry, and simple clean-up. 


Combining the old and the new, a hybrid of the previously mentioned styles is a transitional-style bathroom vanity. Transitional vanities often have a framework akin to that of a modern vanity.


Beveled panels and subtle embellishments will also provide dimension to the vanity. If modern vanities are too bland for you, yet antique vanities are too old-fashioned, the transitional style is a solid solution.


Bathroom vanities in furniture style are among the most recent advancements in the bathroom design field. Furniture Style Vanities are designed to look like classic bathroom vanities. The only key distinction is that they have to support pipework for the sink and faucet.

Water Creation Bathroom Vanities Made For You

Here is a quick design idea for your bathroom: Use Water Creation's bathroom vanities for ample storage and timeless details. And if you are not quite sure which vanity to pick, our top three recommended ones will be perfect for you!


Water Creation 72" Palace Collection Quartz Carrara Cashmere Grey Bathroom Vanity Set With Hardware in Polished Nickel (PVD) Finish


Water Creation 72" Palace Collection Quartz Carrara Cashmere Grey Bathroom Vanity Set With Hardware in Polished Nickel (PVD) Finish


With prestigious design and brilliant color-finish combination, the Palace bathroom vanities dominate the bathroom and own the room. Its distinctive flip-out front panel design enhances the form and function. This bathroom vanity represents your taste in home improvement and elevates your living standards.


This Water Creation bathroom vanity features a top-grade polished white Quartz countertop with solid hardwood construction. It has interior adjustable shelves, a toe kick base with subtle molding, soft-close flip-out front panel drawers and doors, an undermount ceramic lavatory oval sink, and an overflow. The pre-drilled standard 8-inch widespread three-hole on the countertop completes the overall dimension.


The 72-inch Palace bathroom vanity set requires minimum assembly for the handles and knobs, making the home project easier for DIY enthusiasts. Also, alternative copper hardware options are available in hand-polished triple-plated chrome finish, polished nickel PVD finish, and satin gold finish.


Marquis 72” Double Sink Carrara White Marble Countertop Vanity in Monarch Blue with Hook Faucets and Mirrors


Marquis 72 In. Double Sink Carrara White Marble Countertop Vanity in Monarch Blue with Hook Faucets and Mirrors


Make your daily routine an exciting retreat every time with Marquis collection bathroom vanity!


With its solid hardwood cabinet construction, the fully assembled Water Creation bathroom vanity boasts a simple installation perfect for renovation newbies like you. This vanity offers a luxurious spa experience with its multi-layered coating, ash veneer embellishment, and the seamless one-inch Italian Carrara white marble countertop with an integrated sink, four smooth-gliding drawers, and European-style concealed hinges for soft-close doors, and ample space behind the soft-closing cabinet doors.


It also has a four-inch-tall backsplash and a polished top-grade 304 stainless-steel frame in chrome finish.


The Monarch blue accents are meant to signify both luxury and comfort. Overall, the Marquis vanity provides enhanced form and function, perfect for all your toiletries.


Water Creation Embassy 60” Wide Double Wash Stand, P-Trap, and Counter Top with Basin included in Satin Gold Finish


Water Creation Embassy 60 Inch Wide Double Wash Stand, P-Trap, and Counter Top with Basin included in Satin Gold Finish


The solid brass structure of the Embassy's double washstand is unrivaled in terms of longevity and endurance.


It incorporates a Carrara white marble countertop, which you may opt to customize, and an oval ceramic sink. It also features a sleek bar across the front and sturdy brass legs for increased stability and a convenient place to hang towels and washcloths. This stand blends the metal structure's several other finishes with quality materials and petite proportions, making it an excellent fit for an eye-catching bathroom.


A washstand, hardware, a backsplash, a basin, and a P-trap are included in this user-friendly set. The Embassy line by Water Creation comes in three finishes: hand-polished triple-plated chrome, polished nickel PVD, and satin gold.

Final Quote

As an integral aspect of daily living, bathroom vanities far more often play a significant role in enriching the aesthetics of the bathroom. One can experiment with colors or embrace the mainstream norm of being a minimalist. The countertop of these bathroom vanities may even have a high-end sense of style, with natural stone or glass tops available for your interior.


In addition to offering storage space, bathroom vanities also fulfill the laudable cause of masking the surrounding pipework. These come in an array of designs to accommodate your growing demands.


Additional factors to take into account are the finish and type of storage. Think about the countertop material, sink arrangement, and faucet design when you have already settled on the cabinetry.


Buying items that are often considered valuable by us and not having the necessary space to store them is challenging. The bathroom vanity is one such life and space-saving item. You can be deceived into believing that bathroom vanities are some fancy and space-consuming furniture, but do not be fooled. With Water Creation bathroom vanities built on style and function, you can keep your bathroom clutter-free!


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