Factors To Consider When Buying Bathroom Vanity With Mirror

A bathroom mirror adorns other interior decorations by allowing you to show off more of your aesthetics. Bathroom vanities with mirrors make everyday grooming convenient, adding style and character to your space. 

Since many vanities include a mirror on top, some people do not give it a second thought. However, more people should think about the best option in the market for them as bathroom mirrors are used regularly.

One way to guarantee that your bathroom mirror complements your established ambiance is to follow the design principle of proportion. It can also be utilized discreetly to call attention to other features, such as your wallpaper or vanity. 

So, whatever design you prefer, let us be your guide to assist you in choosing the perfect bathroom vanity with mirror.

Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanity With Mirror

Before you decide on purchasing a certain vanity, explore the several factors that influence the overall impact of a bathroom vanity with a mirror.

Size of the Vanity Mirror

The overall size of your bathroom mirror is one of the most important aspects influencing its proportion in the space. For design starters, the mirror should match the vanity below. Your mirror should be slightly narrower than the vanity countertop on either side.

The wall will also determine the size of the bathroom mirror it is mounted on. This is mainly the case when the mirror is not affixed to the vanity. If you like a more traditional look, your mirror should be a miniature replica of the wall with plenty of visual space.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more contemporary style, you can experiment with proportions. Take a geometric mirror and mount it at an asymmetrical angle. You can also use a long, thin mirror to divide the wall into equal parts.

Size of the Bathroom Vanity

The vanity's setup is also relevant to the value of your mirror. When the space is shared, homeowners often consider having a double vanity. For others, the usual single vanity is preferred.

You can opt to put two identical mirrors above each sink in this situation. If the vanity space is symmetrical, this design is excellent. You may consider a single big mirror if your vanity's countertop is not balanced. In this manner, the mirror fills the whole area without stressing the asymmetry.

Mirror Shape

Bathroom mirrors typically come in squares or rectangles, especially in traditional models. Oval and round mirrors can sometimes be difficult since the absence of the edges leads to a loss of visual space. In terms of practicality, squares or rectangles are ideal since they mimic the contour of the wall and vanity.

On the other hand, Ovals and circles have those curves working for them. Arcs in any design appeal to the timeless elegance of classical beauty. But as a consequence, you may compromise part of the allocated proportion to make room for the mirror's exquisite arches.


You may also pick a custom frame for unique mirrors. When you choose a frame, keep in mind that it will change the overall size of the mirror concerning the vanity and the wall. It would help if you think about the size of the frame in terms of the visual weight it will add.

A simple frame will have little effect on the overall proportions of the mirror and its surroundings. A smaller mirror may be preferable to avoid overpowering the vanity or wall on which it is hung.

Thick frames have a significant influence on the perceived weight of the mirror. A heavy frame can overwhelm a small vanity. Keep these frames for more oversized vanities or mirrors that stand alone. A big, artistically framed mirror, for example, might be a standout item on any size wall.

Mirror Edges

When you opt for a frameless mirror, you need first to choose an edging for the glass. The border of the mirror can affect its visual contribution. If you do not want your mirror to be the focal point, go for a simple edge.

Consider one of the more intricate edges if your mirror space is large enough to take the greater visual weight. A bevel adds a hint of shine around the edge. Some decorative borders, such as waterfall and ogee, give the item the illusion of a frame without the visual weight.


When browsing a mirror for your bathroom, your color choice is critical.

Choose bold colors for the mirror if you want it to be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Select a mirror with subtle tones, on the other hand, to compliment the other decors in the room.

Opt for colors that emphasize other accents to make the area appear sophisticated while enhancing it.


Regardless of their size or design, mirrors can spruce up and accentuate any bathroom when thoughtfully positioned. Find your way with mirrors to add aesthetic value and a sense of wonder to your bathroom.

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