Small Space Problems: How To Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity

A vanity is a central feature of your bathroom that you may personalize. When it comes to the vanity itself, various aesthetic options are available. So, if you're unsure how to decorate your bathroom vanity due to lack of space, finding the right fittings will make a significant difference. 

Boost your imagination and build the design of your dreams! 

Decorating Your Bathroom Vanity

A vanity is an element of your bathroom that you may personalize. If you're hesitant about decorating your bathroom vanity because of its tiny size, the appropriate accessories and fittings may still deliver a big decorative punch.

Here are some ideas for decorating and organizing a clutter-free, completely functional small bathroom vanity.

Focus On Your Needs

It's important to keep an eye on your necessities while designing your small bathroom vanity. Start by putting out your daily needs, e.g., toothbrushes and facial wash. See how much room is left afterward. A picture frame or a tiny pot of flowers can be added when there is enough space. Putting more items on the countertop would make your vanity less efficient if it is already packed with your necessities. Luckily, there are ways to spruce up small bathroom vanities without throwing extras to the already busy surface.

Look For Small Accent Pieces

Use small accent items as décor to make your countertops as neat as possible. An excellent way to start is by replacing the handles on your vanity. If you have an old vanity, look for gorgeous vintage knobs at your local antique store. Glass, quartz, glass, silver, or metal bathroom vanity knobs are commonly available online for anyone with modern vanities. Small accent pieces are not only a simple way to add character to your bathroom, but they're also excellent for people on a budget.

Change Your Backsplash

Emphasizing the backsplash, walls, and panels surrounding the vanity is one of the quickest ways to decorate a small bathroom vanity without compromising space. A unique and colorful backsplash, made of pegboards, old maps, and even chalkboard paint, is sure to pique anyone's interest. Try painting the walls and panels in a bold or unique color, but make sure it doesn't clash with your vanity or the rest of your bathroom decor.

Use Natural Light

Although bathroom lightbulbs are highly preferable for low-light bathrooms, nothing compares to the beauty and convenience of natural light and fresh air. If you're lucky enough to have a bathroom window, use the natural light it provides. Remove any unnecessary items near your window to invite the daylight fully. Add a tiny vase of fragrant flowers to your bathroom vanity's countertop to top it off.

Vanity Ideas For Small Bathroom

A small bathroom is one challenging decorating spot. When done correctly, though, the entire space may appear brighter and even more spacious.

If you keep pondering on the lack of space and little natural light, decorating your old vanity is sometimes not enough. And maybe the answer lies in replacing that old vanity cabinet of yours! 

Try any of these vanities to make your small bathroom appear more inviting.

Customized Vanity

Since it can be constructed to fit specific proportions, a customized vanity is often the ideal solution for a small bathroom. Using every inch of the room accommodates a larger countertop with extra space for items. The area is kept neat by a cabinet with several concealed drawers and shelves, and the room is optically enlarged by putting a huge mirror above.

Mirrored Vanity

If you’re looking for both chic and functional, bathroom vanities with mirror is ideal for tiny bathrooms. An excellent example is a light-colored freestanding cabinet with mirrored doors since mirrors reflect light around a room, making it appear larger. Furthermore, the vanity, which has a combination of closed-door cabinets and open shelves, provides plenty of space for your bathroom needs.

Repurposed Bathroom Vanity

For DIY enthusiasts, consider going with repurposed bathroom vanity ideas. You may opt to recycle an old dresser or even a table with one broken leg. Create a new piece out of your old furniture to fit your desired measurement. You may use any available small containers to organize your vanity. Paint the wood in a color that best complements your wall to make it look nice in your bathroom.


Knowing how to decorate your bathroom vanity will undoubtedly add some spice to a personal space. Several intelligent and efficient ways help to brighten your bathroom while keeping everything organized. You don’t necessarily need to spend a dime and break your budget to see a brighter corner. In most cases, upcycling your old items will do the trick! Indeed, integrating subtle details works wonders that will refresh you every time you go into the room!

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