How To Choose The Right Size Bathroom Vanity: From Major To Minor Details

Upgrading the bathroom vanity is a simple way to reset the silhouette of any bathroom on your property.

Your vanity should strike the ideal combination of form and function as the multi-functional feature of your bathroom's design.

Find the best bathroom vanity fit for every bathroom space in your humble abode! Whether it's a small shower room, a spacious master bath, or anything in between, dive in deep into our curated guide to choosing the right size bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Vanity Sizes

Size is undoubtedly the most critical factor to consider when purchasing a new bathroom vanity. All bathroom vanity proportions, not only the width, should be carefully considered. And to make your bathroom project go more smoothly, here are the two most popular types of bathroom vanities that you can choose from:

Single Vanity

Single vanities are typically 36 to 48 inches wide, making them excellent for guest baths and powder rooms. And suppose you want an even more space-saving option. In that case, wall-mounted single vanities are the right ones for you since these are designed to save significant floor space for a minimalist bathroom design.

Double Vanity

When you have additional space, use a double vanity for double the function. Double vanities vary in length from 60 to 72 inches, based on how much counter space you require on either side of the sinks.

Factors To Consider In Determining The Right Bathroom Vanity Size

There are a few things to keep in mind in choosing the right vanity size. The available space in your bathroom will determine the ideal vanity size that will fit into the room. When looking for a new bathroom vanity, consider the following factors:

Traffic Flow

Allow plenty of space for opening and closing doors and foot traffic.

Plumbing Site

Rerouting plumbing adds to the expense and complexity of a bathroom makeover. You may opt to keep using your existing vanity's size that accommodates your current plumbing site.

Existing Features

Consider your existing mirrors, ornamental trim, electrical switches, and outlets. These features, like plumbing, may be costly and time-consuming to relocate.

The Right Height For Your Bathroom Vanity

The standard bathroom vanity height was 30 to 32 inches tall for a long time. On the other hand, taller vanities have been increasingly popular. The right vanity height means easier access and less back strain for most people.

Vanities are available at a variety of heights. But, of course, the perfect choice depends on which bathroom you're renovating.

Vanity For The Master Bath

Consider 36-inch-high bathroom vanities for a spacious master bathroom with plenty of storage. This is the usual height for kitchen cabinets, making them far more comfortable than the previous standard vanity size of 30-inch-high bathroom vanities.

Vanity For Children's Bath

Keep things simple and convenient for your children. For example, the right vanity size allows them to wash their hands and brush their teeth while remaining tall enough to accommodate adults using the same bathroom. Certain vanity models even have pull-out step stools for added comfort.

Vanity For The Guest Bath

You want to provide a cozy area for children and adults when furnishing a guest bathroom. To do this, look for bathroom vanities between 32 and 34 inches wide to get the right balance.


The Right Width For Your Bathroom Vanity

Another thing to think about is what vanity width would work best in the room.
This is an important dimension that determines whether the vanity can fit into the arrangement of your bathroom. The size of your space will help you find the ideal vanity. It will also help you decide if a single or double vanity would fit in the room. Note that the vanity countertop extends beyond the vanity, thus, providing an additional 12 inches to 1 inch on each side.

The most popular bathroom vanity sizes are 24, 30, 36, 48, 60, and 72 inches. The usual bathroom vanity width is between 30 and 48 inches for single-sinks.

Moreover, a width range of 60 to 72 inches is standard for double vanities. The vanity top should be approximately 1 inch wider than the cabinet.

The Right Depth For Your Bathroom Vanity

Although the standard depth of a bathroom vanity is 21 inches, most vanities are between 17 and 24 inches deep. Bathroom vanities with less than 18 inches are available for bathrooms with limited space. Foot traffic and open doors and drawers are easily accommodated with shallow vanities.

Final Word Of Advice

Take a moment to reconsider all the minor things. For example, ensure that the vanity does not restrict any hallways or entrances when fully opening the vanity drawers and doors. And make sure that there's enough area on the floor for proper foot traffic mobility in the bathroom.

We hope you get a confidence boost in searching for the best bathroom vanity you could ever have with this sizing guide!


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