How To Decorate A Bathroom Vanity: Styling Tips And Tricks

Bathroom vanities are designed to leave an impression. So, unless your bathroom is picture-perfect, it may be best to consider spending time to revamp your vanity.

An elegant bathroom serves as a haven for stress relief and quiet reflection. It is also where you typically take a great deal of time, marking the start and end of each day. With this, you might consider making it a spot you can genuinely embrace.

The first step is to learn how to decorate a bathroom vanity. It is a multifaceted bathroom element that you utilize regularly. And, with particular creative organization and space-saving solutions, you may make your bathroom vanity more stylish and efficient than before.


Change Your Colors

Choose a new color for your vanity to compliment the bathroom's color scheme. Paint the countertop a contrasting color to the cabinet base to deliver a new visual dimension. Neutral colors such as gray, black, beige, white, and brown go with nearly any existing bathroom design.

Besides this, the ideal color for your vanity is always determined by the size of your bathroom.

You may use a blue or green bathroom cabinet color if your bathroom vanity is short of character. If you want to liven things up but would not want to go with something bright, go with gray or black. And if you desire an even more sophisticated bathroom, we recommend going with white or beige.


Tip: Use an enameled paint!

With its durability, thickness, and low alcohol level, this paint has been typically used to paint bathroom vanities.


Organize With Decorative Trays and Candles

A decorative tray keeps your vanity countertop items tidy and organized. This is helpful if you share your bathroom vanity with someone else or want to keep particular products altogether.

The trays make it simple to gather stuff like a plant, a candle, and a soap dish, and they also make it additional convenient to clear the countertop if you need more room. This item will keep your bathroom looking friendly and organized when you include it in your revamped design.


Tip: Trays come in various forms, so you can effortlessly find one to match your existing theme. 

For sturdiness and stability, choose a bamboo tray made of solid bamboo. Bamboo is the ideal wood tone to complement almost any decorative aesthetic. You may also opt to use a mirrored decorative tray for a hint of upscale glamour. The shiny surface accentuates the things on the tray, granting the tray's performance a significant makeover.


Add A Liquid Dispenser

When decorating your bathroom vanity countertop, dispensers are a must—Foster proper sanitation and style simultaneously with liquid dispensers.

A bespoke or unique soap dispenser is another beautiful way to update your home without adding an extra room. There are numerous design alternatives for liquid dispensers, enabling you to put a creative and decorative spin on something that is both useful and necessary.

Clear liquid dispensers put a nice twist on storage, adding to your vanity's functionality. It is also a great way to be reminded when you are running low on supplies because you can see how much you have left of your products. 


Tip: Use a mason jar dispenser.

This piece will add cottage warmth to your bathroom vanity. The stainless steel lid is rust-resistant and long-lasting, making it ideal for any humid place like your bathroom.


Personalize With Unique Memorabilia

Getting up and going on some days is more complicated than on other days. On some days, a quick hint of why you work so hard is all you need.

Looking at a family photo or unique memorabilia in your everyday routine is an innovative solution to increase your drive. When you get up to wash your face or brush your teeth, you will not fail to notice it, and on a busy morning, it may be the only fuel that gets you to put in the effort.

Photographs, souvenirs, and paintings are ideal for adding personal touches. Allow the unique memorabilia to stimulate thoughts and gratitude.


Tip: Check the materials used to craft the memorabilia.

Bathroom humidity may cause some things to degrade. To keep the item safe, use moisture-resistant frames.


Liven Up With The Greeneries

Plants are an excellent way to bring natural texture and color to a room. In addition, the flourishing plants can enrich your vanity regardless of your bathroom aesthetic.

The cost of bringing warmth and color to this space without introducing needless clutter is cheap. A spider plant, for example, would look lovely on the bathroom vanity countertop and is easy to take care of.

Many plants in the market will grow in a highly humid environment and help you loosen up after a tough week without demanding a great deal of work. 


Tip: To save time and effort, use artificial plants.

The advantage of having artificial plants is that you can cleanse many of them by just throwing them in the bottom of the shower for a brief rinse and then letting them dry. Besides this, live plants can be sensitive to substances such as hairspray, aerosol deodorant, and fragrances.


Final Tip

If every inch of countertop space is reserved for practical purposes, you may not have much room for decorative elements.

Upgrade the fixtures and enrich your centerpiece! This solution conserves functionality while adding a personal touch.

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