Buying Laviva Bathroom Vanities - A Perfect Guide

Too frustrated because your bathroom vanity doesn't have enough storage space? Perhaps, you've got an outdated or even broken bathroom vanity that you want to replace but can't seem to find a place that will take it.

The vanity serves as the centerpiece of the bathroom. It is one of the most important things to pay attention to while designing a bathroom, mainly because it contains storage space used to keep items such as towels or personal care items.

Fortunately, Laviva, one of the most renowned names in vanity design, has created a highly functional collection of vanities available at very affordable prices.

Laviva bathroom vanities such as corner wall mounted cabinets with pull-out shelving, cabinets with dual storage, and modern-style countertops are carefully engineered to suit your family's needs.

Specifically tailored for every imaginable bathroom design, Laviva bathrooms will complement your style, helping make the most of that extra space and turn it into something useful for all family members.

With a lot of storage space at the right height, Laviva bathroom vanities will make your life easier. Check out our top choices here!


What to consider before buying bathroom vanities?

Before finding the perfect bathroom vanity, you should consider a few things.


Type of cabinet

This is one of the main factors to consider when buying a bathroom vanity because it will significantly impact its appearance and storage.

Even though most vanities come in either undermount or top mount cabinet styles, others come in wall-mounted cabinets or even mixers that can offer you all of the above with plenty of space for storage.

Laviva's unique cabinets come in finish and material, giving you the flexibility of choosing between the different options.


Size and styles

It is crucial to consider the size of the vanity when buying it because some are way too small for their space. You should also make sure that you pick one that matches your bathroom space perfectly; if you end up picking one that does not fit well in your bathroom, it will not look good at all.

Also, consider the style of your bathroom. A vintage-style vanity might not go well with a modern-themed bathroom, and vice versa.



Material is also a critical factor to consider because it will affect the appearance of your bathroom vanity. Therefore, you should pick a material that will blend well with the rest of your bathroom's design and color scheme.

For instance, if you are designing a modern bathroom with black-and-white colors and marble accents, it is important to pick a material that complements this style.

You should also make sure that the material you pick is durable because even though most vanities are pretty sturdy furniture, they will wear out eventually.

Choose materials that are made from high-quality wood because it is the strongest material used in bathrooms. You should also pick products with a good amount of real wood such as oak or cherry to make the vanity look more appealing.


Countertop and hardware

The type of material that's used in your bathroom vanity is also a critical factor to consider because you can use an undermount vanity that has a countertop, or you can choose an overmount vanity that doesn't have one.

Undermount vanities are usually made of durable materials such as MDF or melamine.

Overmount vanities, on the other hand, are usually made of ceramic tile.

You should also pay attention to the towel bars that you will use. The best way to go about this is to choose top mount vanities with integrated towel bars because they will save you a lot of time, they are easy to install and they come in different colors so you can match them with your bathroom.


Top Recommended Laviva Bathroom Vanities

We've compiled some of the best Laviva bathroom vanities you can buy right now. The majority of these are attractive designs in unique and sophisticated materials.


Wimbledon - 36 - vanity



Wimbledon - 36 - Cabinet


Give your bathroom a more forgiving ambiance with this bathroom cabinet from Wimbledon collection.

This set comes with adjustable feet, an elegantly stained finish, and integrated sinks. Built from solid oak wood and plywood, it will give you a sturdy and durable finish. The zinc alloy handle adds a stylish glisten to its appearance.

The shelves inside allow you to store personal essentials and any other bathroom items. It also comes in handy for those with small bathrooms, as it adds storage space without cluttering the floor area.


Wimbledon - 24 - Cabinet with Matte White VIVA Stone Solid Surface Countertop


Wimbledon - 24 - Cabinet with Matte Black VIVA Stone Solid Surface Countertop


Another worth checking from Laviva bathroom vanities is this cabinet with a matte white stone solid surface countertop. It has an integrated sink, VIVA stone solid surface, and square edge detail, showing a classy and modern look.

From sophisticated details to its soft closing doors, this set is another piece that will blend well with any modern bathroom design.

In addition to its spacious storage space, the cabinets are also divided into two modules. It features concealed doors that allow you to store all your bathroom items without hassle.


Wimbledon - 36 - Cabinet with Matte White VIVA Stone Solid Surface Countertop


Wimbledon - 36 - Cabinet with Matte White VIVA Stone Solid Surface Countertop


How to bring a touch of posh to your bathroom? This set from the Wimbledon collection can literally make a statement. The set is sure to please with an engineered stone solid surface and stained finish. In addition, its square edge detail is designed to give the set a sleek and glamorous look.


Wrap Up

Be it a vanity cabinet or a full-sized bathroom vanity, Laviva has everything you need for your new bathroom.

This company has got it all for you, from under-mount and top-mount cabinets to wall-mounted storage. With an array of colors and styles, you will surely find the perfect replacement for your old bathroom vanity here.

Moreover, Laviva bathroom vanities will add a new sense of style to your haven. So whether you are building a new home or just replacing your old vanity, the brand could be your perfect match. In fact, with its inexpensive price range for such high-quality products, it would be rather foolish not to take advantage of this offer and change the look of your bathroom today!

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