A Guide to Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Have you finally decided to bite the bullet on your bathroom remodel? No matter what type of home remodel you are doing, you will always want to make sure to have a solid plan in place to make sure things don’t go sideways during the process. This is especially true when you want to upgrade your bathroom, where your dream remodel can turn into your worst nightmare. Follow this easy guide to make sure you do it right.

Draw up Your Plan
You don’t need to have an arts degree to draw up a rough sketch of what you would like your bathroom to look like once you’re through with it. If you are adding a new addition, think about how your space will change, not only inside the bathroom, but in your home. Take measurements and give yourself space expectations before you go to your architect, so you have a good picture in your mind. You wouldn’t want to order a new bathtub or vanity only to find out that it is too small or too big.

Learn From the Mistakes of Others
You can look up thousands of videos and other resources of the accounts of others during their own bathroom remodels. Most of them will outline the things that they should have done, or mistakes they made. Read up on these stories, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes! This can help greatly in preparing for your bathroom reno. You might even connect with others on forums to ask for their opinion or feedback.

Think Long Term
Are you planning on living in your home five to ten years from now? If you are planning to sell sooner, consider how your changes will affect the price and value of your home overall. You could be adding too much value, or even worse, devaluing your home with the changes you want to make. Be careful of making changes that will not benefit its future owners. And think about how your own family might outgrow the house in the future.

Budget Accordingly
If you haven’t thought about a budget, you should. In fact, it’s better to over budget and over plan for expenses. You should also never make assumptions about costs when calculating your budget. Call for quotes and get solid numbers to work from, so you can have a realistic guide of what you will be able to afford. If something goes wrong during the remodel will you be able to have the funds to fix it? If you can’t get the tiles that you want will you be able to find a replacement for them or make any other changes? Your budget should allow you to be flexible to any situation that may arise.

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