5 Ways to Maximize Small Bathroom Space

1) Include a Bathroom Organizer - This simple hack is a great way that you can remove clutter from your bathroom that will give you multiple storage options. 

2) Add a Medicine Cabinet - Not only do medicine cabinets look great,  they also remove all small items from your sink.  Simplify your storage, especially if you live in a home where more than one family member who share a bathroom. 

3) Add Storage Cabinets - Another solution to create space is to add storage cabinets to go with your bathroom vanities.  There are many options that will be visually stunning for your bathroom remodel.  

4) Add More Floor Space - Wall mounted vanities are a great way to increase the amount of floor space in any bathroom.  This will also deliver style and functionality that guests will envy.   

5) Don't Underestimate Great Lighting - With proper lighting, the room can have the visual effect of appearing larger.  Having a well lit room is a painless way to make the atmosphere more desirable, and give the impression of more space. 


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